Here you will find all of the links to products gushed about in our weekly Wednesday newsletter.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020
1. These pretzels are TO DIE FOR! One of my stockists used to carry them and I would get a bag every time I visited her store. They are so buttery and delicious. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. 

2. I posted this on my IG yesterday, but in case you missed it and you've been looking for the perfect fall candle, look no further. This Cina-Pumpkin + Nutmeg candle will make your whole house smell like fall. It also comes in the most beautiful gold tin to match your fall decor.

3. I bought these earrings (GIRL BOSS EARRINGS | MEDIUM GOLD) last week, and I think you'll love them as much as I do! I'm not getting dressed up as much as a used to, but these are casual enough to wear with a simple top to be a little extra for the night. So many fun styles and these also come in several sizes!

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020
1. Love organization? I just started watching this new Netflix series over the weekend staring two of my favorite chicks from Nashville! They've been making me laugh for years on their IG stories, and now I'm so excited to finish their new series. They share so many great tips!

2. Are you by chance a handmade business owner like me? My business coach just released her newest e-book all about how to price your handmade products to sell. You can download it here.  The pricing struggle is real and Angie has really helped me wrap my head around the pricing mystery. Thanks, Angie!

3. We all need shortcuts when it comes to getting ready, right? I have posted about this hair dryer before, and I wanted to share it again for this reason. It allows me to dry and style my hair all at once. I haven't used my flat iron in probably a year! It's so good! **It's 30% off right now!**

4. I LOVE slow cooker meals. I can put everything together in the morning and then I don't have to think about it again until dinner time. The bonus is that they normally make a ton, so we can eat the leftovers for dinner a few nights later. This is one I found on Pinterest (and pinned it to my dinner board) and I made it at least once a month. I love to use the shredded beef on tacos with a little avocado cream to top it off. Is it dinner time yet?

1. At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to read 6 books in 2020. I started off strong and read 3 books in the first two months and then COVID hit.
Womp. Womp.
I'm excited to get back to it and am starting with this book, Automic Habits. It's part of a book club that I am in so I think that will help me stay on track...because I'm actually participating this month! haha I would love to hear if any of you have read this. I've heard it's a great read!

2. During my workouts, I drink a ton of water. I always have to stop halfway through and run downstairs to refill my cup. Not anymore.  This big daddy holds 64oz of water and it stays super cold. It was great to bring to the beach as well! What color do you like best? I have the white one!
3. Do you kids need a little reminder when they are out playing and it is time to head back home? We got Reed this watch with an alarm and it has been a game changer! There are lots of colors to chose from!

4. Struggling to find a meal everyone in your family will love? I made these Cilantro Turkey Burgers for dinner tonight for the first time and it was a hit with everyone! Hallelujah!