From Fobskeys to face masks....
The past few weeks have been challenging for us all, and here at cat o'neal, we have had to make a pivot. Most of the amazing stockists that carry our Fobskeys have had to temporarily close their doors, which means a major decrease in wholesale orders and income for my family.

During my down time after all of the non-essential business closings at the beginning of March, I was put in touch with a medical professional who needed help making masks for their hospital staff. I was able to gather an amazing group of women from my neighborhood who have stepped up to help with this cause. There are some that iron, some that sew, some that have donated to purchase more fabric, and I do the cutting and distributing. It’s become a full time job for me. To date, we have donated 1,547 face masks (as of 6.1.20) to essential workers here in Nashville, TN!

Now that the CDC is recommending the use of face coverings in public settings, I am getting requests from customers to purchase these masks for themselves and their families. I am so glad we're able to provide these masks to so many people and have chosen to offer them for sale in the shop and keep my business afloat until I am able to start making Fobskeys full time again.


DIY Masks
I want everyone to be able to have their own face covering, so if you aren't able to purchase one right now, there are TONS of ways to make your own face coverings!

Here are some of my favorite tutorials:
cat o'neal mask with fabric ties - These measurements are for a slightly larger fabric mask for medical professionals to be worn over N95 masks. Adjust measurements as needed.
Mask with elastic loops
No sew mask

Washable and Reusable
These washable and reusable handmade masks are a great option for when you need to go out in public. Machine wash on gentle or hand wash after every use and air dry. Iron if needed.

All masks contains a filter pocket to insert the filter of your choice. Filters are not included with your purchased mask. Change filter with each use.

Here are some filter options that you can insert and use in your mask:
- Blue Shop Towels
- Interfacing
- Paper Towels
- Coffee Filters

The CDC is now recommending the use of face coverings for public settings. Click here to read more about it.

Masks are not meant for those under the age of 2.

**We make no medical claims with regards to the use of these masks. Not FDA approved. **